OVER ARwards - Create AR contents and earn

Content creators get your thinking hats ready to create and earn. OVER community members, get ready to be thrilled with amazing AR content. OVER, an augmented reality platform, is hosting the largest augmented reality contest- ARwards! The ARwards will provide content creators a platform to get visibility and also win prizes in OVR tokens for content created. So, for all ye content creators, it’s time to show that creativity to the world. The ARwards which is OVER's official contest portal is free and open to all creators who only need to upload their AR experiences and show created 3D projects to a wider audience. Basically, the ARwards promises to reward design, creativity, and innovative AR experiences by content creators.

How does it work?

First of all, the ARwards is completely free for every content creator participant as you will be only required to register. Creators in this regard will be required to provide: username, password, e-mail, and nationality which can be done in less than five minutes. The next step after registration is accepting the terms and conditions of the contest. To be eligible to participate, you will be required to read and accept the conditions of the contest, become registered as a creator and subsequently granted access to the builder. The builder is where you can create or upload your own 3D experiences. With your 3D model already created, you can view it either on your OVRLand or on the OVER workspace. The OVER workspace is a sandbox for internal use, where only you as the creator can see the preview of your own environment. Note: you can publish content without owning an OVRLand. If satisfied with your work, you can then proceed to record a video and take a photo of it and then upload in the dedicated section. You can edit your submission as long as it is in the “draft” status, once you are satisfied you can send it to review, OVER team will in turn approve the file's contents. Once approved, your work will be shown in the list of the candidates for the contest where it can be voted. In this regard, every creator will have a profile that clearly shows a list of his own works (his own showcase). Each user can upload multiple experiences for a single contest.

How are the winners selected?

The top 5 positions will be selected by a highly-qualified jury composed of OVER and our partners: Landvault, Metahood, MetaMundo, Pangea Dao, Parcel, SandStorm, SpacesDAO. Positions from 6th up to 10th will be awarded according to the number of community votes.

The voting system

Creators have enough time to cross-check and edit their content. Once the content has been submitted and the status has changed to “review”, it can no longer be edited. Users will have the possibility to vote from the 16th of December to the 10th of January 2023. Every registered user of the OVER platform will be eligible to vote his preferred projects to give points to the submission.

The user is allowed to vote regardless if he has OVR tokens in his wallet or not. However, the vote of users that have tokens in their wallets will weigh more. But how much more you may ask? Vanilla token voting systems suffer from the disproportionate influence of whales, which might easily bend votes towards their interests. At the same time, the voting system should preserve higher influence for participants that have more 'skin in the game'. In order to balance those conflicting instances, we decided to adopt the quadratic voting system as formulated by Vitalik Buterin*. Such a system smooths voting weight by applying square root to the number of tokens owned by users.

All users will be assigned an offset amount of 10 OVR tokens, allowing for voting also to users with no tokens. Voting will take into account the number of tokens that a user owns in his wallet or/and has in staking. 0 gas fees will be required to submit a vote.

Quadratic Voting Formula:

Quadratic Voting

*For further understanding about the quadratic voting system, please read Vitalik’s documentation

Quadratic voting calculation is updated over time due to users being able to exchange OVR Tokens after the vote. The valid calculation is the one which takes place at the end of the contest and during the contest it is only indicative.

When voting on more than one project, the vote is divided by the number of projects voted.

OVER augmented reality platform is providing content creators an opportunity to not only project their 3D experiences to the world but one that will encourage competitiveness among creators to produce the best AR experiences. What’s the fun in viewing your content alone or by a few persons when it can be appreciated by the wider audience. Join the ARwards 2022!