How it works

The latest edition of the ARwards - the AR Games Contest - is available at no cost to all content creators. To get started, simply complete the quick registration process by providing a username, password, email address and nationality. This process takes less than five minutes to complete and once finished, you will have full access to the advanced OVER Unity SDK to create your augmented reality games. Once your 3D experience is complete, you can preview it on your OVRLand, or within the exclusive OVER workspace, designed solely for internal use. This workspace provides creators with a private, sandbox environment to review their content before submission. If you are satisfied with your work, you have to record a video and:

  • Upload it to the dedicated section within the platform.
  • Create a post on Twitter, tagging @OVRtheReality and including #OVERARwards and #web3gaming.
  • Reply to our main post on Twitter with your post.


  • You must submit your AR games creation as a video - images and/or screenshots of the experience are not considered valid
  • The first five winners are required to send to us the correct source file. Failure to submit a workable file by September 16 will render your submission ineligible
  • You can edit your submission as long as it is in ‘draft’ status. Once you are satisfied, you can send it to review. It’s important to note that once the content has been submitted and the status has changed from ‘draft’ to ‘review, it can no longer be edited
  • Upon approval, your work will be shown in the list of candidates for the contest, where it can be viewed publicly. Every creator will have a profile that clearly shows a list of their works (their showcase). Each creator can upload multiple artworks for a single contest.
  • "AR games" means experiences that are created with the OVER Unity SDK and are fully functional on the OVER App.
  • Submitted AR games must be original works and list the names of all those involved in their creation. Entries that fail to list all those involved in their creation will be disqualified.

How are the winners selected?

The top five creators will be selected by a highly authoritative jury. The judges will evaluate submissions based on technical quality, artistic originality, and creative vision. The five winners will be announced on the 30th of August. The five winners should send the source file of their project to the following email: team@overthereality.ai.